Corsham WW1 Commemorations

From CCAN – World War 1 Commemorations

28 February 2014


Many groups and organisations are already planning events or exhibitions to commemorate the centenary years of World War 1. We know of a poppy field in Box, musical concert in Corsham, exhibitions in Lacock and more including Trench building and memorial walks. If your group is planning something or considering a project then it would be good to hear from you – not to interfere but rather to build up a diary of what is happening across the community area. We would particularly like to hear from anyone researching names and families or local events from the war years – there is information available and we are keen to share resource and research. The commemoration is also about those that came back from the war and those that had different roles at home and we would like to uncover some of those stories. For further information contact

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