Wiltshire Armed Forces & Veterans Celebrations – Trowbridge

Wiltshire Armed Forces & Veterans Celebrations – Trowbridge Park BA14 8AH

Sat 28 and Sun 29 June

This year there will be displays depicting WW1 life on the front and at home. Re-enactors will be wearing battle uniforms with weapons, equipment and 2 horses depicting the start of the Great War. Questions can be asked and equipment tried on so that this part of British history becomes better understood and remembered.

There will be a large exhibition from Wiltshire Soldiers – with facts and stories relating to Trowbridge Soldiers – local people may recognise family names. Plus we will have a display on British Muslim Soldiers of this era – a real chance to learn of the important part these soldiers played in WW1.

 Plus still in Trowbridge, the White Ensign Association is very busy working with appropriate bodies to get funding and permissions to renovate the WW1 Memorial at Holy Trinity Church (the Church on the roundabout next to the railway station) which was erected in April 1921 thus predating the Town War Memorial in Trowbridge Park. The Celtic Cross has suffered some deterioration through the years with many names now completely illegible. The White Ensign along with the Parochial Church Council, Trowbridge Town Council and Trowbridge Area Board are working together to ensure that this historic memorial is brought back to its former glory in this very important year of remembrance.

The White Ensign Association is also active in Trowbridge Park designing and planting a WW1 memorial flower bed (complete with anchor) in order to create a colourful tribute to all those from Trowbridge who lost their lives in this conflict.

 Meetings are still being held re the possibility of building a replica WW1 Tank. The original was presented to the town’s residents in recognition of their tremendous efforts in raising nearly one million pounds through War Bonds and Certificates. This tank was dismantled for scrap metal during WW2 but it is hoped that the replica tank could become a legacy for the county town for the next 100 years.


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