Harry’s Story at the Stourhead

5915336-largeThe National Trust has extensive plans to deliver a wide variety of events and activities over the period of the Centenary in the South West. The Trust are planning  a contemporary art and poetry project, along with astonishing exhibitions and participatory events, online stories, picture galleries and details of the many war memorials. One of the first projects has begun in Wiltshire at Stourhead.

The story of Harry Hoare is being woven into the exhibitions across Stourhead to show how war affected the lives of the Hoare family and many others who lived and worked on the estate. But the story also shows how Harry’s mother Alda opened up the house and estate for soldiers recuperating from their injuries at a military hospital nearby.

‘It is a gentle change to the way we tell the story of Stourhead,’ explained Emily Blanshard, Stourhead’s House manager.

‘A lot is told first hand with extracts from Alda’s diaries at different parts of the journey, objects which are part of the story will be highlighted and around the garden there will be oak posts with Harry’s seal highlighting features which link to the story. Those might be his favourite tree or perhaps the Gothic Cottage which Alda loved.’

The National Trust will post their First World War events on their website, this advanced search facility which enables you to find Centennary related activities in the south west.

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