Grants for war memorials

There are estimated to be more than 100,000 war memorials in the UK. Many of these are treasured but others are neglected and vandalised or left to suffer the effects of ageing and weathering. The War Memorials Trust offers grants of up to £30,000 for projects to repair and restore freestanding war memorials. For full details visit their website at
The next application deadline is 31st December

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2 Responses to Grants for war memorials

  1. Wendy and John Lawrence says:


    Could you tell me whether this information has been sent to all parish clerks in the county.

    Kind regards,

    Wendy Lawrence

    ======================================== Message Received: Dec 02 2014, 01:27 PM

    • timburge2013 says:

      Hello Wendy and John and thank you for your comment. Individual posts are not passed on directly but parishes have been advised to follow this blog for useful information relating to First World War commemoration, so hopefully it will be widely seen. We can certainly see if it is possible to get a permanent link to the blog added to the Wiltshire Council parish newsletter.

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